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ICB Studios, Bachata Sensual Hamburg, Issam and Charlott Bachata


Official Bachata Sensual Instructors

Issam and Charlott are Bachata Sensual instructors for partner dance and solo style for all levels. They learnt the teaching methodology from Korke and Judith, the creators of the Bachata Sensual Style. Their teaching pedagogy is focused on technique and style and on strengthening the confidence of both leader and follower on the dance floor.



Hi guys, my name is Issam, I am of French-Morrocan origin, but have been based in Hamburg, Germany for the past seven years. Before discovering my love for dancing, I had played semi-professional football in France and had explored boxing for several years. In 2016, I was introduced to latin dances through a friend of mine and was immediately hooked on Bachata. For the following three years, my job in the aviation industry allowed me to travel the world and visit numerous dance festivals in different countries, where I learnt from international artists. Equipped with a desire to share my learning experiences, a strong passion for teaching and an entrepreneurial mindset, I started my own dance business in 2020. The same year, I received the Bachata Sensual Level 1 certification, a year later Level 2 and today, I am mentored by the Bachata Sensual creators themselves, Korke and Judith.

ICB Studios, Bachata Sensual Hamburg, Issam and Charlott Bachata


Hi, my name is Charlott, I am German and have been living in Hamburg for seven years now. For my whole life, I have been dancing, starting with ballet and moving on to jazz and contemporary dance. In 2015, I discovered Bachata in a small bar in Spain and it was love at first sight! Since then, I have taken every opportunity to dance and develop my skills. Having a particular passion for performing, I have formed and led several partner dance and lady style choreo teams in Hamburg. Having already collected some teaching experience throughout the years, I began to teach regularly after teaming up with Issam in 2020. Since then, we have been growing our dance business and our community here in Hamburg. This year, I received the Bachata Sensual Ladystyle certification and today, I feel extremely grateful to call myself a mentee of Korke and Judith, who are the origin of my whole dance happiness. 

ICB Studios Issam and Charlott Bachata
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